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Can you say Volatility?

The front end of the volatility curve has been inverting on and off in the past few weeks. Sorry not to have given you a heads up every time but there was quite a bit of wipsaw. I am giving you a heads up now because several conditions are deteriorating in the market. Yes we […]

Looking for returns at the dawn of 2020?

We have just had a decade of growth, especially in the United States. Traditionally, if you do business with a financial advisor at a banking institution or a brokerage firm, you probably have a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds to varying degrees depending on your risk tolerance. Is the use of traditional assets still […]

A decade with no probable returns

All the following information is taken from Steve Blumenthal’s newsletter, “On My Radar: Balancing Offense and Defense, Equity Market Valuations and What They Tell Us About Coming Returns,” dated March 8, 2019. According to Blumenthal, the goal of any investment portfolio is to capture growth while preserving capital, although these two may conflict with each […]

We are proud to announce that Y Kombucha is part of our portfolio Agrotech Ventures 1 Inc

Agrotech Ventures Inc. promotes investment in new technology and new ideas in agriculture sector. Agrotech Ventures 1 Inc. will gain direct and indirect exposure to the global Agricultural, Food and Beverage industry with a focus on the hemp and marijuana industry. Y Kombucha enters the Agrotech portfolio to offer investors diversified and innovative opportunities. The […]